BHLA 2024


Our Conference will cover an array of topics and industries essential for success in major industries, including but not limited to:

1. Technology and Innovation: Navigating the tech landscape and leveraging innovation for business growth
2.Fashion and Design: Unveiling the secrets of success in the ever-evolving world of fashion.
3.Health and Wellness: Exploring opportunities in the booming health and wellness industry.
4. Finance and Investment: Decoding the complexities of finance and investment for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Event Summary

A dynamic setting designed for high school, college, university students and small businesss owners featuring engaging dialogues and activities with Influential figures and industry experts. The decor includes educational displays showcasing influential black figures and sponsored interactive zones promoting cultural understanding, career based discussions. VIP areas for dignitaries and politicians ensure a seamless blend of academic and political discourse. This activity will be happening from 9 AM to 1 PM

Target Audience

1.High School, college and University Students in the creative sector
2. Youth focused organizations Youth Leaders in different communities Cultural organizations
3. Educational Institutions and Administrators
4. Influential and media personnels
5. Industry Professional

Event Schedule

Registration and Networking.

Opening Keynote Address.

Panel Discussions on Entrepreneurship and Black History.

Interactive Workshops and Interactive Q&A with Students.

Seminar Concludes and Brunch Buffet Opens.


Gift Bags Distribution

At the end of the Brunch as attendees exit. Gift bags contains various souvenir items from  multiple brand partners.

There will also be a photo booth section created for the Young creative to create content and tag the brand.

The hashtags will be using for this segment

  • #FutureShapersSummit
  • #InnovateInspireIgnite
  • #FutureCommerceLeader
  • #InspireWithIcons]
  • #BHLAStudentBrunch
  • #EmpowerThroughEducation

The general hashtag to be used throughout the event will be #BHLA2024Experience #BHLA2024timecapsule

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