Trade expo summit aimed at growing SMEs

The Black History and Lifestyle international trade summit 2024 is a dynamic celebration set to take place in July in an iconic location – Los Angeles, California.

20 - 21st July 2024


Our role is create an opportunity for entrepreneurs and creatives to sell their crafts and export their products and services to an international audience.

Black history is all about creating awareness for our culture and how we can improve as a community. We also create a platform for the youths to share their thoughts and ideas on various topics like business, tech, societal norms and so on. With the first edition of the event held in Lagos, Nigeria, we are expanded the scope of this event to , Los Angeles,  USA and London, Uk where dignitaries, celebrities, expatriates, ambassadors, the elite, entertainment and fashion enthusiasts around the globe would be invited to attend.


Black History and Lifestyle focuses on giving honorary recognitions, celebration, and amplifying history of pasts and present individuals who have impacted the world with their activism, talents and achievements.


Considering that this is the first event of its kind, our goal is to make sure that a sizable portion of our target audience understands what black history is all about and how modernization has affected us.

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