BHLA 2024

Fashion show & award night

Brand types that will be Showcasing on the Fashion Show

1. AfroChic Couture:

Style: Modern African-inspired couture. Their signature is a Fusion of traditional elements with contemporary design

2. Urban Elegance:

Style: Blending urban chic with cultural aesthetics. Their signature is a Street-smart fashion with a touch of traditional influence.

3. Royal Threads:

Style: Showcasing regal and traditional attire. Their signature is Luxurious fabrics and intricate embroidery

4.Innovative Textiles:

Style: Focus on sustainable and innovative fabrics. Their signature is Eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge design.

5.Bold Statements:

Style: Streetwear with powerful cultural messages. Their signature is Graphic prints and bold statements.

6.Cultural Fusion :

Style: Fusing various cultural elements in fashion. Their signature is a harmonious blend of diverse cultural influences.

7. Global Trends Collective:

Style: Showcasing global fashion trends. Their signature is an Eclectic mix of styles from around the world.

Event Schedule

Arrival of guests, Registrations, Red carpet & Celebrity/VIP Photo shoot & Interviews

Welcome Reception & Cocktails

Opening Address & Event Introduction

National Anthem

Honoring Distinguished Guests

Brief speech by the Special Guest

First performance

First set of BHLA Awards (4 awards)

Second Performance(music or dance)

Runway by 3 brands (10 mins each)

Third Performance (comedy)

Runway by 4 brands (10 mins each)

Dinner & Networking

Final set of awards (3 awards)

Final performance(dance)

Group pictures with all awardees

Vote of thanks, Meet and Greet, Music

Awards Categories and Recognition

  • Trailblazer Award: Recognizing an individual or brand pioneering change.
  • Cultural Impact Award: For significant influence on cultural expression.
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence: Celebrating outstanding business success.
  • Innovation in Design: Recognizing creativity and innovation in fashion.
  • Community Champion: Acknowledging those making a positive impact.
  • Lifetime Achievement: Honoring an individual’s long-term contributions.
  • Rising Star: Recognizing emerging talent in the industry.

Award Presentation Format:

  • Each award category introduced with a brief description.
  • Nominees acknowledged, with a short video showcasing their work.
  • Winner announced with a presentation of the award and acceptance speech.
  • Keynote speakers and celebrity hosts play an active role in the presentation.

Hashtags to be Used

  • #BHLA2024FashionShow,
  • #GlamourInCulture,
  • #AwardsOfExcellence,
  • #BHLA2024RedCarpet,
  • #NightOfTriumph

Target Audience:

  • Fashion Enthusiasts, 
  • Industry Professionals,
  • community Leaders,
  • Dignitaries

Gift Bags Distribution

  • At the end of the night as attendees exit. Gift bags contains various
    souvenir items from multiple brand

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