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About Us
About Us

01 Who We Are

As we celebrate Black History Month, we reflect on the accomplishments, bravery, and vision of our Black community, as well as individuals who have achieved success in both major and modest ways throughout the broader African diaspora. The Black History and Lifestyle Awards ceremony recognizes black accomplishments at home and abroad besides bridging the gap between African arts, rich cultural heritage triumphs, and adversities, subsequently raising awareness for black pasts and present accomplishments, as well as black-owned businesses.
No one tells the story better than us
The pleasant smell of the Bouquet is meant to be perceived when alive.
Let’s celebrate ourselves
Our Goals
Our Goals

02 Goals

The goal is to raise awareness of Black History Month by elevating Black voices and accurately depicting the resilience, pride, love, joy, and struggle of Africa diaspora.
The Black History and Lifestyle Awards aim to inspire people to contribute to positive change by recognizing the reality that Black History is being made every day.
Our Mission
Our Mission

03 Missions

Black History and Lifestyle Awards is about black achievement, celebrating our roots, our value, our culture, our heritage and to create a ring of network among black-inspired brands and industries globally.
Our Vision
Our Vision

04 Vision

We are dedicated to honoring, celebrating, and recreating history of pasts and present individuals who have impacted the world with their activism, talents and achievements.
Our vision is to ensure that a significant section of our target audience understands who Africa is, who Africans in the diaspora are, and how modernization has impacted us.

05 Awards

The Black History and Lifestyle Award event recognizes and honors the challenges, sacrifices, and outstanding acts of service performed by African Diaspora individuals throughout history and in the present.
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